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Do you ever get the feeling that there is an untold story, unexpressed essence inside of you… a calling and a path that is uniquely yours?  

Today, the world we live in offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to reinvent what it means to be a woman in every area of our life. We have the chance to give and share our voice, gifts, creativity, to become active agents of change, and to have a global impact. We are free to pursue our self-actualization, co-create, and evolve on behalf of all women!

At the same time, research shows that the fears and insecurities that keep us in the shadows and playing small are holding us back from being able to step forward and meet the opportunity of this moment…


I have created Natural Integrity - Your guide to Wholehearted Living and Leading - to guide you on a journey of discovery into your most genuine self and empower you to use your gifts to impact the world.  My program comes from a place of authenticity. I have walked the walk personally, as an environmental scientist with the heart of an activist.


Through the embodiment and mindfulness practices that I facilitate, you will experience the synergy that laid dormant, by aligning their rational, strategic side with their innate creativity and deep intuition.


The challenges and crises that encircle the planet become opportunities for you, trailblazing women, to achieve personal fulfilment while leading positive change. 

Discover and experience the synchronicity of  “doing well while doing good” through Living and Leading with Integrity.


Authentic Confidence Breakthrough - Monthly One-on-One Intensive 

Reconnect with Your Inner Resources, Release Self - Doubt, Step into Radical Self-Trust and Make the Shift to Create Positive Change in Your Life

This 4-week intensive program supports women who want to reconnect with their inner resources and self-worth, to regain their self-trust and unique feminine radiance and agency, so they can step up and create a lasting change from the inside out.

This program supports women to build their resilience and self-leadership so they can activate their creative solution-oriented mindset and contribute to positive change in their personal life and in the world.

Imagine feeling safe, authentically confident and ecstatically alive in your body, and deeply connected to your value in a way that enables you to become fully visible and to shine your unique feminine light brightly into the world.

The program is ONLY available on a One-on-One basis.

Inner Change Maker Experience - Group Coaching

This 9-weeks program supports women who have lost themselves in achievements and endless responsibilities and want to reconnect with their feminine radiance, inner wisdom and agency, so they can make a difference while sustaining their inner fulfilment, prosperity and wellbeing!

In this program, you will discover how to reconnect with your unique gifts beyond skills and knowledge to leverage your influence; source your own true value and self-worth that will liberate you to powerfully shine your feminine radiance into the world, so you can inspire, uplift and empower communities around you. You will learn how to cultivate inner capacities to attract the resources, partnerships and support that fuel your passions and sustain your prosperity and wellbeing. 

Time to align your Passion - Purpose and Profession: Let go of stagnant “push energy” keeping you STUCK, unlock your inner wisdom and step into your calling with confidence, courage and without sacrificing your wellbeing!


The program is also available on a One-on-One basis.

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Expat On Purpose - Group Coaching

This 9-weeks program supports expat-women who have lost themselves in transitions, translations, achievements and responsibilities and want to reconnect with their feminine radiance, self-worth and agency, so they can thrive as their most authentic, fully expressed selves. 

In this program, you will break free from the patterns of invisibility, self-doubt and isolation. You will reconnect with the true source of your own value and self-worth that creates nurturing relationships, attracts the resources you need to thrive, while honouring your greatest passions and highest callings. You will discover how to cultivate an unshakable trust in yourself that attracts the support you need to sustain your wellbeing, joy and inner fulfilment.

Let go of stagnant “push energy” keeping you STUCK, unlock your inner wisdom and step into your calling with confidence and courage! You’ll feel empowered, motivated and clear about how to move forward on your path. 

The program is also available on a One-on-One basis.

Transformational Leadership Academy 

This 9-months training will support you to discover or clarify your purpose, create your leadership vision, and gain high-level support and training to launch your work in the world.

Become a professional “evolutionary” change-maker: 

  • use your gifts to ignite your higher human potential and shape the future of the world with your ideas, creativity, empathy and care;

  • learn how to source the authentic confidence and courage you need to step into visibility and your leadership destiny;

  • discover your own “GREAT WORK” and fulfil your higher purpose;

  • learn the step-by-step winning blueprint to launch your work into the world and create a platform where you can become a recognized expert and authority in your field

  • learn how to create a valuable offer and craft messaging that ignites your audience, develop the impact frameworks and mindsets that will enable you to create things of high quality, value and impact; cultivate a rich network of support and resources from which to succeed…


You will be able to align your livelihood with your “GREAT WORK” so you can create thriving business that supports you to make your greatest contribution.

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What I Specialize In


Presence, Authentic Confidence

Creativity and Self-Expression

Passion, Purpose,


Wholehearted Living

Transformational Leadership