"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."
Joseph Campbell 

At the intersection of professional life and life purpose, many highly skilled, creative, smart women discover their “activist heart” beating loudly yet aching to express itself. Transformational coach and global ambassador of feminine empowerment and environmental protection, Monika Barcikowska, created Natural Integrity to guide you on a journey of discovery into their most genuine self and empower you to use your gifts to impact the world.  Through the embodiment, mindfulness and community practices, you will experience the synergy that laid dormant, by aligning their rational, strategic side with their innate creativity and deep intuition. The challenges and crises that encircle the planet become opportunities for You, trailblazing woman, to achieve personal fulfilment while leading positive change.  Discover and experience the synchronicity of “doing well while doing good” through Living and Leading with Natural Integrity.

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Meet Monika

at the intersection of Feminine Empowerment & Environmental Protection

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Reaching Dreams Doesn't Mean Knowing All The Answers but Posing a Right Question and Commiting to Find the Answer

Do you ever get the feeling that there is an untold story, unexpressed essence inside of you… a calling and a path that is uniquely yours?

If so, then you probably sense that in these times of global transformation and challenge

it’s not only time to be heard and seen but that there is a unique and meaningful path that you can contribute. Yes, you are right.


At the same time, you may feel confused about not having a certain plan or not knowing exactly what it might look like?


You may also feel frustrated when envisioning or sensing these rich possibilities, from a perspective of what you have been able to manifest in your reality until now.

For example, perhaps you…


  • Feel somewhat resigned, discouraged or depressed in spite of being a committed, caring person, working on her self-development for many years….

  • Find yourself over-giving or feeling exhausted by the demands of the work life, in spite of efforts to maintain a life-work balance

  • Feel alone and under-supported to generate the fullness of your unique expression and gifts you sense you have to offer, in spite of having peers network

  • Feel curious about a new project, passion or a career path that’s about service and impact, but don’t have a concrete vision and plan to make a transition  

  • Feel an impulse to contribute a positive change in the world with the wholeness of your authentic presence, essence, skills and experiences, but have no idea where to start

  • Are caring about the state of our world, yet feel overwhelmed and powerless to deal with such large problems while still struggling with your own life challenges…

If you are feeling this way you are not ALONE. Millions of smart and conscious women are currently experiencing this painful gap between their sense of what’s possible for them and the reality they could manifest.


It was also my experience before I discovered how to access and embody my feminine soul leadership capacities, and I’ve seen it in other women I’ve worked with since.


Most of us have been working on ourselves for years to create a work-life balance, develop passions, maintain a sense of fulfilment, and accomplish goals in life without burnout.  And although we may feel like they’ve achieved a lot, we are still yearning for an even deeper sense of intimacy, belonging, purpose and fulfilment… We yearn for something more…

Why in spite of all our accomplishments and commitment to personal growth – we keep feeling this insatiable longing? Why is it that we feel either restless or powerless about accessing inner fulfilment in life?

Most of us link the struggles, pain, and challenges that have been preventing us from creating what we most yearn in life (e.g. desire for deep intimacy, creative self-expression, the job that we love, integrity) solely to our current circumstances: not enough time, money, support, connections, knowledge, education. The truth is: 

We have not yet embodied the artistry, the kind of inner capacities, creativity, inner leadership, that we need to create those things we most deeply yearn for.

The fact that we’re still struggling to bring forth the fullness of our expression, sensitivity, gifts, wisdom and intuition in service, is not our personal failure. It’s a sign of the pivotal time, in which we seek a new way of being and doing, on a personal and collective level, that would allow us to rise as a response to the challenges that encircle the planet.


The inner steering that we’re feeling is a calling of the times – our creative impulse to naturally evolve the ways of living and leading our lives that we intuitively sense we are destined to live.

The current education, health, economy, technology and cultural systems in general, as well as the capacities needed to function in our world up until now, have been mostly oriented toward the strategic, rational, controlling ways of pursuing goals.  And that’s great (BUT....)!


Thanks to this system women (and humanity in general) today can benefit from incredible progress across many areas of our life and enjoy unprecedented standards of living that our grandmothers could not imagine. Current generations of women are rising in power claiming freedom, autonomy, access to education and financial independence. We have the possibility to give and share our voice, gifts, and creativity, to become active agents of change, and to have a global impact.

We are free to pursue our self-actualization, co-create, and evolve on behalf of all women!

At the same time, research shows that the fears and insecurities that keep us in the shadows and playing small are holding us back from being able to step forward and meet the opportunity of this moment…


Why is that?

Paradoxically, the more autonomy, freedom and achievements we have, the more often we feel frustrated, restless and powerless about “achieving” the things we deeply desire.


Indeed, our deeper desires – experiencing a sense of aliveness, fulfilment, purpose, deeper intimacy, belonging, authentic, joyful and creative self-expression, aligning passion with the profession, creating a context for sharing the fullness of our gifts and meaningful contribution to the world, can’t be built using only analytical, logical mind or a strategy.


To create these things that we desire and to begin to thrive at new levels we need to allow our rational, strategic side to join in lockstep with our deep intuition, imagination, creativity, flow, and relatedness.

We need to cultivate both of these two kinds of capacities, and use them in a way that they complement, interplay and support each other in a process of creative synergy.


This is an integrative and inclusive approach that enables us to develop new ways of being and doing, new ways of living and leading. Until now not many of us have had models, opportunities or environments to practice this approach in real life and have no idea where to start learning it.

Power of Strategy vs Feminine Empowerment

How Do We Cultivate Feminine Power?

In my work with women changemakers, environmental justice and social innovation I’ve discovered and developed the specific practices and tools that empower women to become powerful creators and transformational leaders.


The source of authentic presence, self-worth, confidence and leadership – your power to create your best life, the fullness of your self-expression and impact in the world is within you—waiting to be unleashed.


Join our Coaching Programs and step on a Path of Integrity: Aligning Your Passion, Purpose and Profession.


In these programs, you will discover how to Claim Your Self-worth, Authentic Presence and Confidence to Live Your Purpose Every Day. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of unleashing the inner capacity to change your life, realize your destiny, and step fully into the larger life that’s calling you.

Path of Integrity will empower you to:


  • Reactivate with your inner compass and reconnect with the key area of your life that is most “ripe” for you to focus on right now

  • Shatter inner blockages keeping you stuck in isolation or confusion that hold you back from gaining the momentum

  • Receive support to claim your vitality and wellbeing, and nurture your connections with others in the process!

  • Make a thriving full-time living in your business where you are making your “destiny” contribution

  • Discover your “genius” so that you can create a business or find your “sweet spot” to fulfil your life’s mission

  • Feel confident being visible and seen and, as a result, be recognized for your contributions

  • Feel like you are LIVING your destiny and expressing the woman you were born to become… and so much more!

When you step on a Path of Integrity, you tap into your own vibrant energy source, insight, inner wisdom, and so, so much more.

About Your Instructor: Monika J Barcikowska, Ph.D

Monika is a global citizen. Polish by birth, wife, transformational coach and facilitator of feminine empowerment, environmental scientist, enthusiast of theory U, instructor of yoga and meditation, avid hiker and traveller, improvisational dancer and musician, lover of everything that is genuine and inspiring. 

Her Story... 


With the heart of an activist and the ambitions of a scientist, she has pursued her early career in academia, NGOs, and humanitarian agencies, where she has developed an expertise and deep sensitivity towards environmental issues and inequality problems all over the world.

Throughout her experiences she has realized how big the opportunity is for women to self-actualize, pursue their calling and their passions, share their voices, to make a meaningful contribution to the world.


At the same time, she became exposed to the struggles that most women are experiencing when working in high-performance environments oriented toward masculine values, which are predominant in our current global culture. She found herself either battling with fears and insecurities that were holding her back from meeting the opportunity of the moment or stepping into a masculine way of power and control that disconnected her from her own values and her genuine expression.


These experiences became a springboard to her path of transformation. Today Monika teaches other women all over the world how to connect with and realize their deepest yearnings—for creative fulfilment, meaningful relationships, authentic confidence, and having an impact by contributing their gifts to the world…


In her transformational journey, she integrated her life experiences, her talents, her intellect and her soul, into practices of feminine empowerment. She became an artist of her life, a feminine activist, who uses her voice on her behalf and on behalf of those who don’t have a voice. She has been able to unlock the power of her presence in ways that feel authentically powerful, liberating and energizing, to manifest deeply meaningful relationships, align her livelihood with her passion and purpose, and create a healthy, prosperous living.


Living in different countries, and being connected to women from different cultures, her mission is to serve as the global ambassador of feminine empowerment that guides women through their path of self-actualization and creating a wholehearted and fulfilling life.

As a transformational coach and facilitator of feminine empowerment, certified by Dr Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power program, she has been hosting a number of women’s circles, workshops, and retreats.

Long Story Short about Monika:

Climate Scientist & Feminine Empowerment Coach | Applying Women's Empowerment Principles, Theory U & Nature Connectedness to Unlock Women's Sustainability Leadership Potential


In just 9 weeks you can cultivate the inner capacities that will support you to:

  • connect to the deeper truth of who you are and the story of your power as a creator of your life.

  • discover and start living into your higher purpose.

  • feel a sense of authentic confidence in your ability to attract and create the resources you need to thrive.

  • create relationships which will begin to mirror and match your true value.

  • release blocks to health and vitality so that self-care and receiving support becomes effortless.

  • discover how to express your gifts, not for just self-expression’s sake, but in ways that go on to really impact others and are valued where they’re received.

  • begin to feel spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass, developing an unshakable bond with your intuition.

  • begin to show up in ways that empower your family, your partner, your children, and your community so that they begin to flourish and thrive.