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Environmental Voices Rising - Women at the Mic with Michal Crawford-Zimring

Environmental Voices Rising - Women at the Mic, is a podcast that bravely ushers in the most timely conversations for humanity today: reversing - not just slowing - global climate change. Just when you think you’ve heard enough doom and gloom, founder Michal Crawford-Zimring, an environmental artist/designer spins that on its head and ferrets out untold stories and solutions from the under-represented populations in our global community and shares the successful solutions they are creating. Gather hope from people of color, indigenous wisdom keepers, women, and youth alike. Their unifying stories uplevel the perspective of “we’re all in this together” which in turn helps to strengthen the odds of employing these unique and much needed solutions. Uplevel your perspective on what can be done about Climate Change. Join Michal and her listening audience as we each find our place in creating better solutions for our planet. 

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