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of the Solution.

Unlock the Fullest Expression and the True Value of Your Gifts.
Join the Community of Women
who Yearn to Co-Create Change in the World. 

At the intersection of professional life and life purpose, many skilled, creative and empathic women discover their “activist heart” beating loudly yet aching to express itself. 
Natural Integrity is committed to creating resources and experiences that empower these women to step into their feminine leadership that contributes a positive change in the world and sustains their personal well-being, prosperity and fulfilment.  

Natural Integrity support women to become agents of transformation from the inside - out that enrich their communities and workplaces, locally and globally, by sustaining their inner integrity and the integrity with the surrounding world.

Reclaim Your True Value. Become the Solution the World Needs.

Feminine Empowerment

Transformational Leadership

Awareness-Based Systems Change

Our Approach

Our program is deeply rooted in the principle that recognizes that all beings are deeply connected to other beings and the natural environment, including their actions and thinking. 


Our approach is to nourish, inspire and equip you with capacities to create synergies between the power of the strategic, rational mind and the power of creativity, receptivity, intuition, relatedness; to leverage all your talents, experience and expertise and create a context for your authentic expression to be fully received and appreciated in the world.  

Natural Integrity provides a transformational space for women that want to heal themselves from patriarchal programming and to rise together as feminine leaders that co-create a more sustainable, equal, and harmonious world.

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Natural Integrity is an invitation to step on a journey of discovery into your most authentic and fulfilling self and empower you to use your gifts on your own behalf, on behalf of others and the natural world.

"They gave me a window to my own future. Their warm and vibrant energy makes one feel seen, heard and safe. I really appreciated working with them."

- Linda, Norway

"I could feel her authenticity and deep listening. During the sessions, I was very grounded, and at the same, connected to my vision. It helped me see how to make my challenges manageable step-by-step. I've made a lot of progress!"

- Suzanne, USA

" I think Monika is a wonderful coach. After the first coaching session, I felt more clear about my goals and mission. She was able to pick up what’s essential, guide one forth, ask good questions that open up to a deeper understanding and learning what to focus on."

- Maria, Poland


How to get there?

Meet the Founder: Monika Barcikowska

I am working with smart, gifted women, who dare to dream big. My programs allow you to connect with your deeper yearnings, to break through your inner blockages, to become a creator who alchemizes synergy between masculine and feminine value systems (e.g. the rational and strategic versus the creative and intuitive), to be heard and held accountable as you reach toward your vision.

You will develop specific skills that allow you to show up - in relationships and work, as an authentically confident creator of your life and wholehearted leader that claims her power on her own behalf and behalf of others.

With my scientific background applied in academia, non-governmental organizations, humanitarian agencies across Europe and North America, and passion for embodiment and the art of feminine empowerment, I’m inviting you on a journey to create your own way of evolution and to uplevel your life.

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Create The Life That’s Calling You