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Become Your Own Force of Nature.

Be a Part

of the Solution.

Unlock Your Sustainability Leadership Potential from the Inside-Out!

At the intersection of professional life and life purpose, many skilled, creative and empathic women like You discover their “activist heart” beating loudly yet aching to express itself... 

JOIN our community of system change practitioners, learning together to rise as leaders of Inclusive Climate Action and co-create projects for the flourishing people and planet.  

WE co-create resources and experiences that empower women to be a positive force for societal change while sustaining their well-being, purpose and prosperity.


It’s time to expand and follow through to create the impact you were born to make!

Our Approach

Our programs are deeply rooted in the principle that recognizes that all beings are deeply connected to other beings and the natural environment, including their actions and thinking. 


Our co-learning journeys equip you with the transformational leadership skills to harness the synergy between strategy, intuition and creative collaboration to form thriving systems. 


We use awareness-based coaching and facilitation methods for systems change that guide you to leverage all your talents, experience and expertise - So you can create a context for your impact and fullest expression to be received and appreciated.  

Feminine Empowerment

Transformational Leadership

Awareness-Based Systems Change

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

For the first time after three years of mental fog, I’m genuinely excited about discovery and embracing relations, work, and life. I thank Monika for her guidance and support throughout this journey, with her open mind, heart, and will.

- Alexandra, PhD

I feel honoured and fulfilled with women's energy after these few months. ​We have grown together not only as a team, being able to share deep thoughts, doubts, and professional obstacles more and more widely, but also as women leaders becoming more confident, empathetic and directed to the emerging future.

Thanks to Monika, I have rediscovered my own leader's element. I feel inspired to co-create new projects within my community with an open mind, heart and will.


Unmemorable journey, without any doubts!

- Martyna, Student Radio Station Director

Monika marries her scientific knowledge and experience with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges for women leading in climate work. She invites women to develop a sustainable personal infrastructure (mind, body, spirit) as the foundation for their leadership, gain clarity about their individual projects, breakthrough inner barriers that slow down project advancement, and create structures to support growth.  Participants will be inspired into action through Monika’s program because her commitment to safeguarding the environment and women-led climate projects is her life’s work!

- Rochelle, Independent Non- Executive Director

'...uniquely engaging, relevant, powerful'

'...innovative, creative thinker' 

Her program helps women build their leadership capacities for positive change in their communities and the world.

- Andrea, Program Director

" I think Monika is a wonderful coach. After the first coaching session, I felt more clear about my goals and mission. She was able to pick up what’s essential, guide one forth, ask good questions that open up to a deeper understanding and learning what to focus on."

- Ann, Consultant

The meetings led by her were very useful for me to develop myself and especially my leadership skills as a researcher, and to manage my environment, my students and my colleagues

 - Katalin, PhD

As an experienced coach, she is skilled in positive reframing, enabling new thinking to emerge. Monika’s enthusiasm is infectious, encouraging people to see new possibilities and find new solutions.


Monika has a deep knowledge of how gender affects men and women in the workplace and society. 

- Joe McMartin, Coach


How to get there?

Monika Barcikowska

I am working with smart, gifted women who dare to dream big. My programs allow you to connect with your deeper yearnings, to break through your inner blockages, to become a creator who alchemizes synergy between masculine and feminine value systems (e.g. the rational and strategic versus the creative and intuitive), to be heard and held accountable as you reach toward your vision.

You will develop specific transformational skills (e.g. Inner Compass, Complexity Awareness, Inclusive Mindset, Partnering and Mobilization Skills) that allow you to be a positive force for change in society while showing up (in relationships and the workplace) as an authentic, confident and inspiring creator of your wellbeing.

Everything I have done until now has prepared me to carry out this mission: climate change science, the humanitarian sector and NGOs; women-centred coaching; systems transformation facilitation, developing learning cultures for teams and communities (accelerators); climate action leadership; community building and multistakeholder engagement. 

The challenges that encircle the planet become opportunities for You, trailblazing woman, to achieve personal fulfilment while leading positive change!

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